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Check out this great article: 51 GREAT ANIMATION EXERCISES TO MASTER 

Here are the first 5 from the list! I’ll try to do as many as I can :)

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1. This is not necessarily a hiatus. All we know is Nick pulled the previously scheduled airings after episode 8. Let’s only report on the facts please.
2. Yes NickAndMore is a credible source: they are getting this info right from Nick schedules
3. Korra is not cancelled unless we hear it is.
4. Likely Nick will reschedule the episodes for a different time, probably on NickToons
5. We will get answers at the Comic-Con panel on Friday

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Nick Pulls Korra Off the Air After Episode 8 This Friday



According to NickandMore, Nickelodeon has pulled the last 5 scheduled new airings of “Legend of Korra” for Book 3. Episode 8 will air this Friday the 25th at 8pm, but then there are no further scheduled new airings. No word yet on when the episodes will air.


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